What Is Your Dream?

Before we go further into the Dreamwalk…What is your Dream?

I am challenging you to step out and think big!!!  Any vision that you could finish tomorrow, with no assistance, is probably not a dream.  It could possibly be a step towards the final plan.

Do you have the desire to:

  • Earn a degree?
  • Start a business?
  • Become debt free?
  • End homelessness in your community?
  • Become a part of you country’s government?
  • Do anything?

Whatever it is (and it can be more than one item) – WRITE IT DOWN!  Do you believe enough in your life’s purpose to put it in black and white?  If you do not accept it to be possible, you will sabotage its fulfillment.

Are you in or out?  Make a choice – don’t sit on the fence.  If you are not the forerunner of your own dream, who will?  So take the first step and WRITE IT DOWN!

Dreamwalk Action(s):  Get your portfolio, journal, composition book…  Write down your dream(s).


2 thoughts on “What Is Your Dream?”

  1. The dreams are there, the motivation is there, but where is the step by step plan on how to get it started

    1. Simon – That is awesome that you are ready to walk out your dream. I am excited about your journey and know that you will do it as we focus more on some steps we can take to accomplish the dreams. So let’s do it!!!

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