A Dreamwalk Path

When we first figure out that we have a dream, our vision is focused on how things will be once it is fulfilled.  We may think about:

  • How much income it will gross.
  • How many people it will help.
  • How it will enhance our family.
  • How happy we will feel when we cross the graduation platform.
  • How it will help our children or grandchildren.

But before we arrive to the accomplished goal, we have to take the walk…THE DREAMWALK.  We get excited about how the walk is going to be so easy, we predict.  And if we hit a glitch, it will be nothing to fix it.  We imagine – a stressless or a minimal bumpy path.  But here is a possible DREAMWALK scenario:

Possible Dreamwalk Path
Possible Dreamwalk Path*

In the future submissions, we will discuss the various pieces of the DREAMWALK and what it takes to acquire the goal (Journey Survival Tactics).

Dreamwalk Action(s):  Look at the graphic above.  Write down – What are your obstacles?  And why?

* photo found on Facebook (random find in news feed)




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