Dreamwalk Obstacles

In the previous blog, a picture was included displaying a possible Dreamwalk scenario.  What did you notice in the graphic?

Were there cheerleaders on the sidelines?  Many of us are blessed to have a couple or maybe a few supporters.  But many of our onlookers are those that could be categorized as Goal Blockers.  Referring back to the picture – the folks on the side of the road were not holding pom poms but were preparing to use weapons to stop us, as the dreamer, from accomplishing our goal.

Examples of Goal Blockers are:  Relatives, Friends, pessimist, society, research data, etc.

The interesting thing about some of our Goal Blockers is they see themselves as helping or protecting you from failing.  This is noble but not helpful in your growth as a successful person, inventor, innovator, strategist, etc.  Failure or mistakes, if used correctly, can be your teachable moment to bring us even closer to fulfilling our dreams.  So how do we transform Goal Blockers into tools?  (We will talk more about this in future post)

Dream thought:  Is our determination to accomplish our purpose stronger than the obstacles on our Dreamwalk path?  Be WISE and UNSTOPPABLE!!!

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