Motivate Your Dream!

What is the motivation to fulfill our dreams?  Is it to:

  • help a group of people
  • promote an initiative
  • increase health in ourselves and others
  • affect our families in a positive way

We need to be specific when specifying our motivation.  Let’s think back to the moment that the dream first came to our heart and write it down.  What was the dream before we touched or possibly changed it to fit our current lives?  Now, record how the dream affected us.  This is our true motivation.


We will need our motivation to explode within us.  Why?  There will be times that we may want to give up and abort the mission.  When this time comes focus on what motivated us to start the dream walk.  What drives our dream, will keep us from quitting, even if we are alone without encouragement from outside resources.

For example, we may want to quit exercising and stop eating healthier but our motivation is to be able to run a 5K for the first time.  What is our motivation?

Dream Action(s):  Write down the original motivation statement that came to your heart?  Post it where you will  see it.  Keep on pushing towards the DREAM!!!

*photo from google search and youngmoneyhacker.

Are We Dreamwalkers?

So here is a great question to ask ourselves – Am I a Dreamwalker?  Most of us would say – MOST DEFINITELY!!!  Just because we have a dream, may not mean that we are allowing the dream to flourish.  Some people are those that have a dream but don’t want to be the one to implement it.  This group would be categorized as visionaries.  These are talented individuals that can clearly picture and communicate a mission.  If they do not have the gift or desire to implement the dream they have no problem allowing someone to take the wheel.  They also might be comfortable with being a passenger during the adventure.

But there is another type of person that considers themselves a visionary but does not want it to come to fruition (by their own hands or anyone else’s).  This individual is a show stopper.  The motivation of show stoppers could be fear of failure, doubt regarding the dreams purpose, intimidation, excuses, procrastination, pride, etc.

If we are finding ourselves showing the characteristics of a show stopper, re-adjust immediately!  Deal with the issue at hand.  Do not let anyone (including ourselves) get in the way of what has been placed within us to accomplish.  We do not want to ever look back and regret not having an outcome due to ourselves.


Are we Dreamwalkers?  YES WE ARE!!!!

Dream Action:  Take a step towards your dream, immediately.  Break the show stopper habits. 

Goal Blockers to Dream Builders

In previous posts we discussed various goal blockers.    Now let’s talk about what to do about them.  Some people may tell us to ignore these obstacles.  This is partially true.  We do not want what a person says to affect us from moving forward towards our dream.  But honestly, some of the discouragement (through words, stats, etc) against our success could be true.

I know you were not expecting me to say that.  I am not suggesting that we should internalize the negative statements.  Instead we should make these possible blockers, Dream builders.

Determination iqconcepts

Examples of what a goal blocker can become with some thought and action steps are:

  • Risk Identifiers
  • Outsource Coordinators
  • Resource Managers
  • Financial Strategies

Ask yourself the hard questions to obtain key items that could prevent destruction to your dream.  We should use the feedback from goal blockers for our good.

Now after hearing criticism – don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.  Let’s look at an example:   Let’s say we want to write our first book and we currently have no experience.  A goal blocker may state that we do not have an English, Journalism, Communications, etc degree or background.  Even though this may be true, what can we obtain from this?  Well, we could ask ourselves:

  • To be an author do I need to have the degree?
  • What skill sets are needed for me to write my book?  Which ones do I have?  Which ones do I still need?
  • Can I take a class or two (instead of 4 years in college) to obtain the foundation needed?
  • Are their seminars from those that our authors and were in a similar situation as I?
  • Should I ask a specific person to be my mentor, that has the wisdom and knowledge I need?

Basically, is there another way for us to build our way up and still continue to move forward?  And yes, it may add time to our end result.  But, if it is our dream it is totally worth it and we will love the journey.

This task of turning goal blockers to dream builders can occur during any stage of our dream journey.  So embrace that factor that we would rather deal with it now than later.  This step could eliminate the termination of our dream.  So don’t run from it – run towards it.  Appreciate the goal blocker and obstacle for giving us the opportunity to create a Dream Builder.

Dream Action:  Think about 1-2 points provided by a goal blocker.  Ask yourself the hard questions and produce dream builder steps (write it out in your journal)  to maximize the opportunity at hand.

The Dream Killer

I know the title of this submission could cause us not to read further…so please do not stop here.

So what do I label as The Dream Killer?  Look at the picture again in “A Dreamwalk Path” post (to see the photo – click here).  Look at  guilt & fear.  These are the two items that we have a decision to  control.  What’s crazy is fear is displayed as the grim reaper.  Why is that?  The only Dream killer on any of our dreamwalk paths is ourselves.


No matter what a goal blocker says, no matter what stats or proven data is out there – if we take hold of it and become guilty or fearful, we will quit!  What is the worst thing that could happen if we choose to continue down the path that seems impossible?  Ok! Yes we could make a miscalculation or we could witness a major fall or glitch.

We have been taught that if we fail or have a mishap we can most likely hang it up.   But in most major accomplishments in history they are foreshadowed by many blunders.  When this happens we should learn and make adjustments to make the result a success.  The ultimate failure is when we stop and dismiss our dream completely.  So in conclusion, WE are the ultimate Dream Killer of our own visions if we decide to walk in fear instead of on our Dream Journey.

Dream thoughts:  Have we believed the lie about our inabilities?  Have we adopted the unfavorable stats and data?  Or do we believe in the Dream with in us?  Let’s reboot our mind and maintain the focus on the future accomplishments.