The Dream Killer

I know the title of this submission could cause us not to read further…so please do not stop here.

So what do I label as The Dream Killer?  Look at the picture again in “A Dreamwalk Path” post (to see the photo – click here).  Look at  guilt & fear.  These are the two items that we have a decision to  control.  What’s crazy is fear is displayed as the grim reaper.  Why is that?  The only Dream killer on any of our dreamwalk paths is ourselves.


No matter what a goal blocker says, no matter what stats or proven data is out there – if we take hold of it and become guilty or fearful, we will quit!  What is the worst thing that could happen if we choose to continue down the path that seems impossible?  Ok! Yes we could make a miscalculation or we could witness a major fall or glitch.

We have been taught that if we fail or have a mishap we can most likely hang it up.   But in most major accomplishments in history they are foreshadowed by many blunders.  When this happens we should learn and make adjustments to make the result a success.  The ultimate failure is when we stop and dismiss our dream completely.  So in conclusion, WE are the ultimate Dream Killer of our own visions if we decide to walk in fear instead of on our Dream Journey.

Dream thoughts:  Have we believed the lie about our inabilities?  Have we adopted the unfavorable stats and data?  Or do we believe in the Dream with in us?  Let’s reboot our mind and maintain the focus on the future accomplishments.


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