Are We Dreamwalkers?

So here is a great question to ask ourselves – Am I a Dreamwalker?  Most of us would say – MOST DEFINITELY!!!  Just because we have a dream, may not mean that we are allowing the dream to flourish.  Some people are those that have a dream but don’t want to be the one to implement it.  This group would be categorized as visionaries.  These are talented individuals that can clearly picture and communicate a mission.  If they do not have the gift or desire to implement the dream they have no problem allowing someone to take the wheel.  They also might be comfortable with being a passenger during the adventure.

But there is another type of person that considers themselves a visionary but does not want it to come to fruition (by their own hands or anyone else’s).  This individual is a show stopper.  The motivation of show stoppers could be fear of failure, doubt regarding the dreams purpose, intimidation, excuses, procrastination, pride, etc.

If we are finding ourselves showing the characteristics of a show stopper, re-adjust immediately!  Deal with the issue at hand.  Do not let anyone (including ourselves) get in the way of what has been placed within us to accomplish.  We do not want to ever look back and regret not having an outcome due to ourselves.


Are we Dreamwalkers?  YES WE ARE!!!!

Dream Action:  Take a step towards your dream, immediately.  Break the show stopper habits. 

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