Motivate Your Dream!

What is the motivation to fulfill our dreams?  Is it to:

  • help a group of people
  • promote an initiative
  • increase health in ourselves and others
  • affect our families in a positive way

We need to be specific when specifying our motivation.  Let’s think back to the moment that the dream first came to our heart and write it down.  What was the dream before we touched or possibly changed it to fit our current lives?  Now, record how the dream affected us.  This is our true motivation.


We will need our motivation to explode within us.  Why?  There will be times that we may want to give up and abort the mission.  When this time comes focus on what motivated us to start the dream walk.  What drives our dream, will keep us from quitting, even if we are alone without encouragement from outside resources.

For example, we may want to quit exercising and stop eating healthier but our motivation is to be able to run a 5K for the first time.  What is our motivation?

Dream Action(s):  Write down the original motivation statement that came to your heart?  Post it where you will  see it.  Keep on pushing towards the DREAM!!!

*photo from google search and youngmoneyhacker.

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