Diminishing Dreams

What would you do if you saw someone carrying out the very thing (like an invention, business, etc.) you dreamed about doing?  Most of us will allow that to diminish our dream.  Diminish means to become or to cause (something) to become less in size, importance, etc. (Merriam-Webster definition).

What happens when we let  something diminish our dream?  We start to look at it like it is less important.  When we first received the dream we thought it was a great idea.  Now that we see another person doing something similar it seems less grand.  We need to challenge ourselves not to think this way.  Isn’t it a good thing someone else has the same dream as you?

In the business world, similar products are made all the time.  Does that seem silly to you?  Why?  Even though the items are similar they may serve a different purpose or demographic.  For instance, there are various cleaning agents available.  Our preference determines which one we purchase.

  • Do we want scented or unscented?
  • If scented, do we want Lemon Fresh or Fresh Meadow?
  • Do we want a cream or liquid based?
  • Will it be used to cleanse glass, granite, wood…?

Our DREAM still has a purpose no matter how many others are on a similar path.  Do not minimize the adventure to your dream – NO MATTER WHAT!!!


How do we reclaim the excitement to complete our Dreamwalk?  Take it one day at a time and celebrate the small wins.

If our dream is to:

  • Travel internationally – Celebrate getting our passport
  • Build a new software – Celebrate the purchase of the coding tools needed
  • Start a business – Celebrate when we finish the business plan
  • Feed the hungry – Celebrate when we volunteer at a community kitchen

We renew our confidence in the dream by stepping out and doing the thing that gets us an inch, foot, mile…closer to the vision.

Dream action(s):  Invest in your dream!!!  What is the first or next step that needs to be taken?  Is there something you can do that fear or discouragement has caused you to halt?  If so, do it.  Your dream has a purpose, so act like it!


4 thoughts on “Diminishing Dreams”

  1. Fantastic! I think this happens so often. When I really got serious about setting out to accomplish my dreams and started exploring and adventuring with my sons like never before – I noticed many folks who were once regularly interacting with me on social media suddenly dropped off my wall… They didn’t like my stuff or comment anymore.

    I was living my dream – and I thought by doing that…. I would INSPIRE and encourage others on their paths to their dreams. After all, I had been inspired by others! Unfortunately, it occurred to me one day that instead of inspiring people, I may be provoking feelings of jealousy or resentment that I was out there living my dream.. creating the life I wanted… It was not my intention… I wanted to show people it is possible – not just show off. 🙂

    I hope your post makes an impact.

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