Starting Again…

Yes this is my first post in almost 1-1/2 years.  What is my motivation to brush the cobwebs off the Dreamwalking vision?  One, I truly love encouraging people to walk out their purpose in life.  And two, I am a firm believer that the only failure you experience is when you GIVE UP and never return!

When I thought about this posting, my current fitness journey came to mind.  I began working out again after experiencing ailments in my household for the last 2 weeks.  I feel like I am starting over.  Now most of us would feel like, “Man, after all of the work I put in!”  Well to make the situation even better (sarcastically saying), I am recovering from an injury as well.

When you begin, again, you have to have the mentality switch of taking a FRESH START!  You can not compare the new beginnings to where you used to be…better or worse.  There is no looking back, just go for it!  We are not failures because there is a pause in the process.



When taking a fresh start, here are some things that are great to do or have:

  • Great support system – family/friends/colleagues that support you and will support you with resources, wisdom and encouragement.  My Fitness Parallel:  I went to the Fit, Healthy & Happy (FHH) group and they were the best!!!  I felt like I could do anything.
  • Clear your mind of what people will think about your renewed path.  My Fitness Parallel:  When I went to the FHH group I was not  concerned that anyone would say , “WOW, she is really out of shape!”  Thankfully, the group is a no-judging zone.
  • Be okay that it will take some effort to reach your goal.  My Fitness Parallel:  Yes, I had to modify some exercise moves that I previously could do without much effort.   At the end, I felt great!
  • Belief in the ability to carry out the dream and make it a reality.  My Fitness Parallel:  I know without a double that I will excel my previous strength.
  • Do it!  Don’t hesitate.  My Fitness Parallel:  The injury occurred the day before I planned to go to the FHH group for a P90x3 workout.  Instead of rescheduling, I decided I would go and do what I could.

So all cheers for our FRESH START!