S&C Health Tip – Grab A Friend


What do Americans look forward to most during the holidays? Spending time with friends and family, according to a recent Pew Research poll, which found that 69 percent of people put socializing at the top of their holiday wish list. Leverage those social opportunities to stay in shape: Not only does exercising with a buddy boost motivation and exercise adherence, but it can also help you exercise 24 percent longer — especially if your partner is slightly fitter than you are, according to a recent study at Michigan State University. Can’t find a partner? Sign up for a free Team Beachbody account and get support from a Coach and thousands of Team Beachbody members!

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Nothing beats having support on your fitness journey.  Yes, having your friends join you is motivational.  It also allows you to be accountable with some one and not going about the journey solo.

Would having an exercise buddy help you?  Why? Why not?


S&C Health Tip – Do The “Burpee Blitz” Challenge

Many years ago, when I first did a burpee with an exercise group lead by my personal trainer, I have to admit my trainer was quickly becoming my enemy (joking…but sort of true).  This fitness move is definitely a full body strengthener that also adds in cardio aspects.   The best way to carry out a big task or reach a goal is having friends join you.  So, do a “Burpee Blitz” Challenge with family or close friends.  You can keep each other accountable and support each other.  As you go this journey, make sure you modify if you feel that you are not able to complete the challenge.  It is better to finish than to quit.



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There is also a modified version of the Burpee.  See what transformation you experience after doing this for 1-2 weeks.  Are you down for the challenge?