Getting In Our Greens

Why is something so simple so hard to do?  I am talking about getting in daily vegetables, especially the GREEN ones.  I love veggies but find myself not eating enough.  Main reason usually is just being busy and moving at record speed (giggling to myself).

Kale & Spinach Saute

So to solve this situation, I intentionally prepare a big batch of vegetables and pop them in the refrigerator.  Yes, as simple as that!  Making them available immediately and  ready at any time.

One of my current favorites is Kale & Spinach Sauté.  You make it by throwing in a bag of Kale, 1/4 of a bag of Spinach, Onions, Fresh Garlic and seasoning.  Lightly sauté in a little bit of coconut oil and eat away.

Let’s get our vegetables in and increase other healthy habits.  Have a great week!!!