Day 1 – It Takes a Squad

YES!!!  Day 1 of my fitness journey has been completed.  It was a very busy day.  We are still catching up from our child experiencing ailment and recovery.  So to tell you the truth, I did not work out until the evening.  Here’s my check-list:

  • Before pictures taken.
  • Initial weigh in & measurements – check, check!
  • Core de Force MMA Speed done (with one of my favorite workout buddies).
  • Cafe Latte Shakeology devoured…YUM!

Something that made this health task complete is that my village was behind me all the way.  My husband encouraged me and walked in the door with a “you can do it” attitude.  He also assisted with my pre-workout to do’s (weigh in and measurements).  And our little “big” one, kept on asking me, “when are we going to workout?”  and “is it time to workout, yet?”  There was no way I would let them or myself down.

Day 1 – Core de Force MMA Speed Completed

So, one day down…feeling good!  Ready for tomorrow!

Today’s take away:  Who is on your team/squad?  Think about it and make sure to include supporters when walking our your adventure.

Stay tuned!

#beintentional #purpose2fulfill #bestrongandcourageous


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