Lessons Learned from Pizza Dough

Our son and I love pizza!  We thought it would be a fun idea to make our own (including the dough).

We found a simple pizza dough recipe, mix the contents and…well the dough barely would rise (problem).  Ok…now what?

I put it in the fridge.  Two days later, I pulled it out, cut it in half and made a pizza.  It wasn’t bad…we will make tweaks to it the next time we make it…but it was good.

I had many choices to take from the not so perfect dough turn out.  One being, toss it out and never trying that again 😊.  I wanted to see how it would bake, taste, test the consistency, would the family like it,  etc. 

Without going through the process, even though I knew something was wrong, would not allow me to learn if this was truly a small or big mistake.  Plus if I tossed out the whole situation, it would be a total waste and know true lesson learned.  

I know, a little deep for just a family pizza time.  But you have to admit nice take-a-ways:  

  • Nothing is a waste, unless you make it one (by throwing it out, quitting, etc).
  • Make a mistake an opportunity to be resilient
  • Learn from errors and make the adjustment needed the next time
  • Sometimes you do not need to start totally over to accomplish the task, goal or dream

Until the next time…

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