Lessons Learned from Pizza Dough

Our son and I love pizza!  We thought it would be a fun idea to make our own (including the dough).

We found a simple pizza dough recipe, mix the contents and…well the dough barely would rise (problem).  Ok…now what?

I put it in the fridge.  Two days later, I pulled it out, cut it in half and made a pizza.  It wasn’t bad…we will make tweaks to it the next time we make it…but it was good.

I had many choices to take from the not so perfect dough turn out.  One being, toss it out and never trying that again ūüėä.  I wanted to see how it would bake, taste, test the consistency, would the family like it,  etc. 

Without going through the process, even though I knew something was wrong, would not allow me to learn if this was truly a small or big mistake.  Plus if I tossed out the whole situation, it would be a total waste and know true lesson learned.  

I know, a little deep for just a family pizza time.  But you have to admit nice take-a-ways:  

  • Nothing is a waste, unless you make it one (by throwing it out, quitting, etc).
  • Make a mistake an opportunity to be resilient
  • Learn from errors and make the adjustment needed the next time
  • Sometimes you do not need to start totally over to accomplish the task, goal or dream

Until the next time…

Core Strengthening…Plank Skaters

During the Core de Force РPower Sculpt workout, I was introduced to Plank Skaters.  Nice and steady but truly a core strengthener.  What I love about this is it also challenges my obliques.  For the modified version, place your knees on the floor with core engaged.

Enjoying Core de Force to the fullest.  If you want to join me on my Core de Force journey, get more information here.


Day 1 – It Takes a Squad

YES!!! ¬†Day 1 of my fitness journey has been completed. ¬†It was a very busy day. ¬†We are still catching up from our child experiencing ailment and recovery. ¬†So to tell you the truth, I did not work out until the evening. ¬†Here’s my check-list:

  • Before pictures taken.
  • Initial weigh in & measurements – check, check!
  • Core de Force MMA Speed done (with one of my favorite workout buddies).
  • Cafe Latte Shakeology devoured…YUM!

Something that made this health task complete is that my village was behind me all the way. ¬†My husband encouraged me and walked in the door with a “you can do it” attitude. ¬†He also assisted with my pre-workout to do’s (weigh in and measurements). ¬†And our little “big” one, kept on asking me, “when are we going to workout?” ¬†and “is it time to workout, yet?” ¬†There was no way I would let them or myself down.

Day 1 – Core de Force MMA Speed Completed

So, one day down…feeling good! ¬†Ready for tomorrow!

Today’s take away: ¬†Who is on your team/squad? ¬†Think about it and make sure to include supporters when walking our your adventure.

Stay tuned!

#beintentional #purpose2fulfill #bestrongandcourageous



Now don’t let the blog title make you think I am going to tell you to get READY, get SET and get GOING. ¬†No, this message is for me to get it done. ¬†I am in the prep period to start my new exercise and health regimen for the next 30 days.

Core de Force Calendar, Eating Plan, etc.


Tonight, I looked over all the materials for Core de Force.  I am excited and nervous at the same time.  The timing is perfect.  I was witnessing a fitness slump.  I expect that this program  will give me an good jolt and great results.

Stay tuned…this should be fun!

#beintentional #purpose2fulfill #bestrongandcourageous



What a Year…Love on the Go!

This time last year, my husband and I felt led to make and distribute Street Sacks for people that were homeless or in need.  This was something that we knew would affect our family in a powerful way.  Boy, what an understatement.

November 2015 – February 2016 we created and gave out 16 Street Sacks, as a family. ¬†Even though I do not enjoy the thought of crying, I have to confess that each person that received a Street Sack touched my heart. ¬†I would pray (and cry) after every outing. ¬†And before we went out, I loved our time as a family “assembly line” packing these care packages. ¬†They contained socks, soup, toothbrush sets, hand/toe warmers, and other needed items. ¬†Yes, it was a mixture of emotions. ¬†I knew we were doing what we were called to do but the question always came to my mind…Is this really enough?


Our pastor asked if we could do the Street Sacks at our church with others that were interested in helping. ¬†Wow, REALLY? ¬†Our church family and people that were part of the community helped with obtaining the Street Sack contents, packaging and distribution. ¬†It was so awesome to see everyone working together, no matter how smooth or chaotic the process. ¬†This great action of caring and support was given the name “Love on the Go”.

From April – November 2016, we produced:

  • 293 Street Sacks…WOW!
  • 13 Back-to-School Backpacks for children in need (given to ISD 91)
  • 63 packed purses and 42 additional gift purses during Operation Purse for homeless women or women in need (gifted to homeless women and women rescued from sex trafficking or prostitution)

In addition, 23 EMPWR Coats have been obtained and distributed.


Currently, all I can say is our life has changed and we know it will only get better. ¬†Going into it we wanted to help others and teach our child how to do the same. ¬†All of our passion increased for this mission. ¬†And, yes, the question still flashes in our minds…Is this enough? ¬†We will keep on moving forward on this path, build more partnerships and help more of our brothers, sisters and children that are in need.

We would love your support.  Be a part of this journey that continues to grow before our eyes.  Go to this link to find out how you can also help us help others.


I want to thank my family and friends, Destiny Christian Church, ISD 91, Breaking Free, IIOM/Engage Mentoring Program, A Real Change – Inner Circle (Sandi Krakowski) and all that have supported this great endeavor.

Looking forward to another great year!  Many blessings to you.