Self-Competition Creates A Champion

Who is your biggest competitor?  Is it that person striving for the same position you desire?  The person with a faster marathon time?  The individual completing all of their personal goals with no sweat?

If you are focused on what another person is doing, you are not putting enough energy in enhancing yourself.  If your attention is on someone else, it should only be for information gathering or mentoring.  Placing others as your competitor causes useless traits, like envy, jealousy, limitations,…  The results:  wasting time and energy.

Ok, so now it is your goal to beat your personal best or personal record.  Each day you have to show up and put the work in to experience continual growth.

Picture from David Kafer’s January Athlete Highlight

The young lady, Beth Gilbert (Athlete and much more), pictured above stated something very powerful in an article created by David Kafer.  To achieve her goals she states, “I strive to accomplish this by challenging myself to be better than I was yesterday and constantly looking for ways to push myself past my limits.”

The concept of competing with yourself will not allow you to be trapped in a box.  No matter if you are last or first in a race, you will always improve if your goal is to attain a higher level than a year, a month or a day ago.  Even if you are #1, you will still strive to be better because you always have the motivation to reach your next best…no limits!  BE A CHAMPION!!!

Click here to view the full article on this champion, Beth Gilbert.

Purpose Point(s):  What is your next intentional step to get your closer to your achievement?  What is your stretch goal?  What have you learned from successful people?  Who do you need to release from the position labeled “my competition”?

S&C Health Tip – Don’t Skip Breakfast


The “Strong & Courageous” (S&C) Health Tip is “Don’t Skip Breakfast”.  I know it seems like a no brainer but busy lifestyle can cause many of us to miss this meal.  I am definitely guilty of missing breakfast, especially when it is a “get up and go” morning.  But I have to say that I have been more intentional about making breakfast a higher priority.  Here are some ways to make sure to get breakfast in daily:

  • Keep it simple – nothing like an uncomplicated breakfast like a bowl of Trader Joe’s Raisin Bran and a banana.  Not much thought or action has to go into it and we are ready to go!
  • Eat the same breakfast item daily – We can pick the same menu for our breakfast for the whole week or longer.  Eliminating waking up wonder what to have in the morning.
  • Baking breakfast – When desiring Trader Joe’s Sweet Apple Chicken Sausage – pop it in the oven, set the timer and carry out preparation to get out the door (quick shower, make lunch or any other task)…Multi-task.
  • On-the-go breakfast choice – How about eggs that were boiled the previous night or your favorite meal supplement shake or smoothie?  You can  take it with you and consume it at your destination or in transit.

Click here to find out why it is important to start your day with your morning meal.

Be Intentional!

S&C Health Action:  Think and implement what change to improve your breakfast experience.  Share your first step.


Small and Purposeful

October 2015, we felt it was timMWSS.jpge to increase our 7 year-old son’s opportunity to serve others in need.  He loves helping around the house, helping our neighbors and also assisting at community organizations.  So we created “The Street Sack”.

During our planning discussion, he did not understand that there are people that do not have a home.  He looked at me and asked, “so where do they sleep?”  He looked troubled and hurt as I explained that, unfortunately, there are people that do not have a roof over their heads.  He immediately was ready for us to take action.

Initially, our Street Sacks contained: Clif Bars, Wool Socks, Hand Warmers, Toe Warmers,…  Our little “big” one was so engaged and gave input of what we should include.  He listed some great ideas.  One was to give folks a map to homes, so they could find a place to stay.  So with that, he went to our dining room table and drew a map of houses.  Additionally, a friend of ours gave us blankets when they found out what we were doing.

We went out as a family and searched for those that would need a Street Sack and a blanket.  We also pray for each person we help and those that are without a home and support.

We have no idea what we are doing but are not letting this stop us.  It started as a lesson for our son but has become a passion for all of us.  And in addition, it is bringing us closer as a family.

Purpose Point(s):  What has been on your heart to accomplish lately?  If you have not taken the first step, what is causing the hesitation?  What initial first step can you take to start your vision?  Take it!  The most important key is to START.

31 Days of Fitness – Day 1

I heard that it is best to eat before grocery shopping.  The below information will help you when it comes to those times that you are out and about, in general.  Take a look.


“One of the biggest mistakes people make is to ‘save up’ for a large holiday meal,” says Rebecca Rick, M.S., RDN, a sports dietitian at eNRG Performance in Littleton, Colorado, adding that the strategy inevitably backfires. Why? You end up over-compensating for the calories you didn’t consume earlier in the day. A better plan: “Eat normally, then have a small meal before you meet up with everyone,” says Brad Schoenfeld, PhD, author of Look Great Naked. Spanish researchers agree: In their study, people who ate a “merienda,” a small meal between lunch and dinner, were 36 percent less likely to be obese than those who didn’t consume an afternoon meal. Shoenfeld’s go-to merienda: Spinach salad with chicken. “It’s packed with nutrients, and the fiber and protein will help curb your hunger,” he says. Another option: Avocado toast with tomatoes.


To view the original article, click here.

Do you feel this would help you not over-indulge when you go out?

Starting Again…

Yes this is my first post in almost 1-1/2 years.  What is my motivation to brush the cobwebs off the Dreamwalking vision?  One, I truly love encouraging people to walk out their purpose in life.  And two, I am a firm believer that the only failure you experience is when you GIVE UP and never return!

When I thought about this posting, my current fitness journey came to mind.  I began working out again after experiencing ailments in my household for the last 2 weeks.  I feel like I am starting over.  Now most of us would feel like, “Man, after all of the work I put in!”  Well to make the situation even better (sarcastically saying), I am recovering from an injury as well.

When you begin, again, you have to have the mentality switch of taking a FRESH START!  You can not compare the new beginnings to where you used to be…better or worse.  There is no looking back, just go for it!  We are not failures because there is a pause in the process.



When taking a fresh start, here are some things that are great to do or have:

  • Great support system – family/friends/colleagues that support you and will support you with resources, wisdom and encouragement.  My Fitness Parallel:  I went to the Fit, Healthy & Happy (FHH) group and they were the best!!!  I felt like I could do anything.
  • Clear your mind of what people will think about your renewed path.  My Fitness Parallel:  When I went to the FHH group I was not  concerned that anyone would say , “WOW, she is really out of shape!”  Thankfully, the group is a no-judging zone.
  • Be okay that it will take some effort to reach your goal.  My Fitness Parallel:  Yes, I had to modify some exercise moves that I previously could do without much effort.   At the end, I felt great!
  • Belief in the ability to carry out the dream and make it a reality.  My Fitness Parallel:  I know without a double that I will excel my previous strength.
  • Do it!  Don’t hesitate.  My Fitness Parallel:  The injury occurred the day before I planned to go to the FHH group for a P90x3 workout.  Instead of rescheduling, I decided I would go and do what I could.

So all cheers for our FRESH START!



Diminishing Dreams

What would you do if you saw someone carrying out the very thing (like an invention, business, etc.) you dreamed about doing?  Most of us will allow that to diminish our dream.  Diminish means to become or to cause (something) to become less in size, importance, etc. (Merriam-Webster definition).

What happens when we let  something diminish our dream?  We start to look at it like it is less important.  When we first received the dream we thought it was a great idea.  Now that we see another person doing something similar it seems less grand.  We need to challenge ourselves not to think this way.  Isn’t it a good thing someone else has the same dream as you?

In the business world, similar products are made all the time.  Does that seem silly to you?  Why?  Even though the items are similar they may serve a different purpose or demographic.  For instance, there are various cleaning agents available.  Our preference determines which one we purchase.

  • Do we want scented or unscented?
  • If scented, do we want Lemon Fresh or Fresh Meadow?
  • Do we want a cream or liquid based?
  • Will it be used to cleanse glass, granite, wood…?

Our DREAM still has a purpose no matter how many others are on a similar path.  Do not minimize the adventure to your dream – NO MATTER WHAT!!!


How do we reclaim the excitement to complete our Dreamwalk?  Take it one day at a time and celebrate the small wins.

If our dream is to:

  • Travel internationally – Celebrate getting our passport
  • Build a new software – Celebrate the purchase of the coding tools needed
  • Start a business – Celebrate when we finish the business plan
  • Feed the hungry – Celebrate when we volunteer at a community kitchen

We renew our confidence in the dream by stepping out and doing the thing that gets us an inch, foot, mile…closer to the vision.

Dream action(s):  Invest in your dream!!!  What is the first or next step that needs to be taken?  Is there something you can do that fear or discouragement has caused you to halt?  If so, do it.  Your dream has a purpose, so act like it!


Motivate Your Dream!

What is the motivation to fulfill our dreams?  Is it to:

  • help a group of people
  • promote an initiative
  • increase health in ourselves and others
  • affect our families in a positive way

We need to be specific when specifying our motivation.  Let’s think back to the moment that the dream first came to our heart and write it down.  What was the dream before we touched or possibly changed it to fit our current lives?  Now, record how the dream affected us.  This is our true motivation.


We will need our motivation to explode within us.  Why?  There will be times that we may want to give up and abort the mission.  When this time comes focus on what motivated us to start the dream walk.  What drives our dream, will keep us from quitting, even if we are alone without encouragement from outside resources.

For example, we may want to quit exercising and stop eating healthier but our motivation is to be able to run a 5K for the first time.  What is our motivation?

Dream Action(s):  Write down the original motivation statement that came to your heart?  Post it where you will  see it.  Keep on pushing towards the DREAM!!!

*photo from google search and youngmoneyhacker.