Self-Competition Creates A Champion

Who is your biggest competitor?  Is it that person striving for the same position you desire?  The person with a faster marathon time?  The individual completing all of their personal goals with no sweat?

If you are focused on what another person is doing, you are not putting enough energy in enhancing yourself.  If your attention is on someone else, it should only be for information gathering or mentoring.  Placing others as your competitor causes useless traits, like envy, jealousy, limitations,…  The results:  wasting time and energy.

Ok, so now it is your goal to beat your personal best or personal record.  Each day you have to show up and put the work in to experience continual growth.

Picture from David Kafer’s January Athlete Highlight

The young lady, Beth Gilbert (Athlete and much more), pictured above stated something very powerful in an article created by David Kafer.  To achieve her goals she states, “I strive to accomplish this by challenging myself to be better than I was yesterday and constantly looking for ways to push myself past my limits.”

The concept of competing with yourself will not allow you to be trapped in a box.  No matter if you are last or first in a race, you will always improve if your goal is to attain a higher level than a year, a month or a day ago.  Even if you are #1, you will still strive to be better because you always have the motivation to reach your next best…no limits!  BE A CHAMPION!!!

Click here to view the full article on this champion, Beth Gilbert.

Purpose Point(s):  What is your next intentional step to get your closer to your achievement?  What is your stretch goal?  What have you learned from successful people?  Who do you need to release from the position labeled “my competition”?